This is how we’re gonna do things.

We are a new site for news junkies. We start the day with NPR and we end the day with BBC. Slate, Huff Post, whatever pops up on our news app, Fox News, several podcasts, scan Infowars, then the Daily Show for laughs. We love information and we love facts. We love political strategy and we love watching it play out in front of us. What we don’t love is manipulation, and you are manipulated everyday by click-bait headlines, by assumptions, by implications, by bad journalism. The problem is: bad journalism isn’t just feeding our parents mis-information via Fox News anymore, it’s swaying elections. The historical purveyors of Fake News have burrowed into our daily information diet. What’s worse is they’ve embraced the phrase “Fake News” and hurled it at back at our trusted news sources. The times have changed, we live in a post-integrity world. On this site we’ll be sharing what we think are the day’s worst offenders – Left and Right. We need to course correct and its going to start with re-learning what facts and critical thinking are. Let’s forget being anti-Trump or anti-Left, let’s just be pro-fact. OK here we go.



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