I Give You the News Source Your President is Reading

THE OFFENDER: Infowars writer THE NEWS: CNN cuts off Bernie Sanders after calling them ‘Fake News’
THE TRUTH: Sanders makes obvious joke, technical problems ensue
THE RUB: Unverified information, CNN is the Devil

One of the things I’m hoping to illustrate here is that mock-journalism like Breitbart, Prison Planet, and The Daily show (yes, we’re gonna analyze both sides, no teams here) do much more implying than they do informing. “A” happened, therefore “C.” An article like the one here lets you create “B” from your existing political ideas. Sanders is clearly making a joke, then his IFB fails. CNN is aware that they’ve been called “Fake news,” this is not new information for them. If you don’t think critically, you’ve gone ahead made some assumptions, and what happens when we assume? This “News” by very definition isn’t news, because the so-called journalists failed to cite references or verify facts. The story below floats across conservative news sites in a wave- and only conservative news sites- to its final destination: the president’s Twitter. Sunday morning 18 hours after InfoWar’s posting, the president regurgitates it like fact. Click to watch.


What’s more frightening is the next day, this happens:


If that doesn’t scare you, it should. Scan Infowars for a bit and imagine the leader of the free world believes the paranoid tidbits are truth.


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